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Premier Branded Specialties provides quality service no matter how large or small your order. Our associates have years of experience in researching and developing unique promotional ideas. We'll work with you to help you locate the perfect award, gift, promotion... all within your budget and deadline. For promotions that melt in your mind call 770-519-2027.

Professionalism: Yes, we always show respect to you as a valued client and will treat you with integrity and courtesy worth that trust you place with us.

Responsive: Premier Branded Specialties will exceed your expectations with timely responses to all your questions and requests.

Details: Premier Branded Specialties upholds the very highest standards in Service, Communications, Accuracy and Integrity in all our clients.

Excellence: Premier Branded Specialties believes we provide quality marketing promotional advice to our client’s every day.

We are committed to proving this everyday to earn you business and trust. Check out our Free Product Research on our website @ www.premierbranded.net

Request a proposal anytime @ info@premierbranded.net Toll Free 855-550-5890 We ship everywhere in the USA and Canada.


Open Letter to all our Valued Clients and Suppliers

Open Letter to all our Valued Clients and Suppliers

As the New Year starts, we would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2024

The year 2023 was our best in the last 29 years. Premier Branded Specialties had a great year and next year looks to be even better. We do not follow the others in our industry; our marketing paradigms keep us learning all the time. This next year will see us adding to our unique business ideas and products. We will introduce a new and innovative promotional products website that will in itself reverse the old standard sales as we all have known. This new site will also be reinforced with our new radio ad face book programs. The new program adds our innovated -- P3 Partnerships (Promotions, Personal Service, & Purchasing Value for our clients

This next year our Marketing Thrust is that we want to market to all the five senses. We want our clients to See our difference, feel our strength, realize their Smell of success, to Hear messages from their clients and finally Taste the rewards.

Premier Branded will try to anticipate our clients’ changing needs and we shall be prepared to meet them with creative, fun, honest attitudes and cost effective ideas.

Our objectives are to show a new Promotional Paradigm shift into 2024. We want to identify new ways for our clients to present their messages and logo branding ideas to their clients. It will increase your exposure to the market place. Premier Branded wants to have the fresh marketing ideas that can be reinforced with new promotional visual voices for your clients. With any new program we provide several areas of review. First is the front of mind awareness. Secondly is to remember the most valuable real estate is on someone’s desk. Thirdly we want our ideas to tell a story with a visual voice and not just reproduce a log. Exposure, plus additional exposure equals great results. Fourth is to make it easy to do business with us by providing stress free professional services.

Now that we have presented our new marketing program for 2024, we would like to ask each of you to suggest ways that all of us can better work together.

Now our most important decision is our valued suppliers and friends and how together we all gain in New Year.

We ask our valued suppliers to continue working on ways that make it easy to do business with each other. Premier Branded has a policy that we like to see sales consultants. They bring in new ideas and products. We extend to you our invitation to come and visit us anytime. We do listen. Our approach towards this new Promotional Paradigm is to work together and in return we ask you help with new and creative ideas. Timely customer service and constant update and products help us both.

Please feel free to call us anytime and remember our doors are always open for you.


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